Randy Boyd Applauds President Trump’s Rural Agenda

January 8, 2018

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January 8, 2018
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Nashville, Tenn. – During his visit to Nashville and address to the American Farm Bureau Federation today, President Donald Trump signed two new executive orders to assist America’s rural communities with broadband expansion and efforts to end the opioid crisis that is destroying too many lives and families in Tennessee.

As the only gubernatorial candidate with the proven experience and comprehensive plans to advance the President’s plan, Randy Boyd applauded the President Trump’s announcements.

“I am proud that President Trump chose Tennessee to outline his vision for ending the opioid epidemic and expanding rural access to broadband. From the start of my campaign, I’ve made it clear that these two issues are vital to the future success of Tennessee’s rural communities. I look forward to working with the President to immediately go to work to put these solutions to work for rural Tennesseans,” said Boyd.

As Commissioner of Economic and Community Development and co-chair of the state’s Rural Task Force, Boyd led the way to secure more money and to develop innovative programs to increase internet access in Tennessee. With the support and backing of this new Executive Order, Boyd plans to build on that momentum as Governor and work to bring fast, reliable internet access to all of Tennessee.

“Co-chairing the Rural Task Force showed me just how much we can accomplish for our state when we make sure our rural communities have a seat at the table. I wholeheartedly agree with President Trump that achieving rural prosperity means consistently engaging our farming communities,” said Boyd.

President Trump also highlighted the opioid crisis and its effect on rural prosperity. Randy Boyd is the only candidate to release a comprehensive plan to combat the epidemic in Tennessee. The 10 Point Plan includes decisive actions to help Tennessee mobilize, prevent and recover as we work together to end the opioid crisis. The full plan may be viewed here.

“The President has already taken swift action and declared the opioid crisis a public health emergency and allocated additional resources to our region to fight this epidemic. We released a 10 Point Plan last September and we intend for our plan to work hand in hand with the President’s efforts to end this epidemic once and for all,” said Boyd.

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Boyd is also the only candidate to have collected campaign donations from one or more donors from all 95 counties in the state. Boyd’s level of grassroots support statewide so early in the race is unprecedented in Tennessee politics for a first-time candidate.

A successful entrepreneur, business and philanthropic leader, Boyd is the founder and chairman of Radio Systems Corporation, which is headquartered in Knoxville. First started out of the back of Boyd’s van, the company today produces over 4,600 pet products under brand names such as Invisible Fence, PetSafe, and SportDOG, with more than 700 employees and annual revenues of $400 million.

Boyd previously served in Governor Bill Haslam’s cabinet as the state Commissioner of Economic and Community Development, and earlier while serving as the Governor’s Special Advisor on Higher Education was the architect of the state’s Drive to 55 workforce development initiative, and the tnAchieves and Tennessee Promise scholarship programs to help more young people go to technical or community college tuition-free.

Combining his passion for long-distance running with his desire to meet and learn from as many Tennesseans as possible, while promoting a healthier Tennessee, Boyd is the first candidate in Tennessee history to literally run the length of the state by running 537.3 miles from Bristol to Memphis as part of his campaign.

For more information about Randy Boyd and his campaign for Governor, please visit RandyBoyd.com — like him on Facebook at RandyBoydTN, or follow him on Twitter @RandyBoyd.

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