Randy Boyd Announces Priority Plan to Keep Our Schools Safe

June 4, 2018

For Immediate Release,
Monday, June 4, 2018

Randy Boyd Announces Priority Plan to Keep Our Schools Safe

Millington, Tenn. – While in Shelby County today on his 95 county bus tour, Randy Boyd, Republican candidate for Governor, announced his plan and top three priorities to keep students and teachers safe in Tennessee’s public schools.

“As a gun owner and lifetime member of the NRA, I strongly support the Second Amendment, which is the constitutional right of all law-abiding Tennesseans to defend life, liberty, and property against anyone who threatens our safety and security. But law-abiding gun owners are the first to know we must do more to keep guns out of the hands of criminals and the mentally ill, especially disturbed students who signal their desire to commit violence,” Boyd said.

“As Governor, we are going to start  by placing fully-armed and better trained School Resource Officers in every Tennessee public school, increase our focus and funding for better school building security, and most importantly, paying much more attention on getting to the real root cause of these school shootings and violence – mental illness,” Boyd said.

Boyd outlined his plan to address school safety after spending months traveling all across Tennessee listening and learning from teachers, parents, school officials, mental health professionals, and law enforcement. His priority plan calls for:

  • Better Funding and Increased Training for SROs: As Governor, Boyd said he will increase state funding for local school districts to put School Resource Officers (SROs) in every Tennessee public school. These officers are no longer just a luxury for some schools, they are a need for every school. Boyd will also task the Tennessee Department of Safety & Homeland Security to work with local law enforcement to ensure that Tennessee has the highest standard of training for all SROs. No resource is more precious than our state’s children, and as Governor, Boyd said he will work to make sure we have our best and most trained school officers protecting Tennessee’s students.

  • Tightened School Building Security: Just as we have secured our local courthouses and airports, Boyd said we must take immediate steps to ensure our school facilities are as safe and secure as possible. As Governor, Boyd said he will create a new grant program to assist local school districts to utilize the latest safety practices and security technologies to better secure our schools. Again, Boyd will direct the Department of Safety and Homeland Security to work with local school districts and local law enforcement to institute specific school safety guidelines so that every parent in Tennessee can know, no matter where their child goes to school, that their students will be safe. Recognizing that school shootings and violence isn’t just a school district or local law enforcement challenge, Boyd said he will marshal every resource needed and increase coordination and communication at every level of government to help protect our children.

  • Confronting the Root Cause – Mental Illness: As Governor, Boyd will prioritize and reinvest in state mental health resources, developing a range of patient-appropriate mental health options so that the citizens of Tennessee, especially young people, have increased access to the support, counseling, and treatment they need. Boyd said these efforts will require more intentional and focused communication and coordination among school officials, counselors, and teachers, who are on the front lines day in and day out, to ensure they have the support and resources to identify and quickly intervene to help students most in need.

“Our teachers and students are in our schools to teach and to learn. That should be the only thing they should be worrying about. So we are going to work harder and smarter to keep them safe,” Boyd said. “Our goal is to prevent any more school shootings and tragedies from ever happening again in our state. That’s what our citizens expect, and that’s what we’ll go to work on Day One to do.”


A successful entrepreneur, business, and philanthropic leader, Boyd is the founder and chairman of Radio Systems Corporation, which is headquartered in Knoxville. First started out of the back of Boyd’s van, the company today produces over 4,600 pet products under brand names such as Invisible Fence, PetSafe, and SportDOG, with more than 700 employees and annual revenues of nearly $500 million.

Boyd previously served in Governor Bill Haslam’s cabinet as the state Commissioner of Economic and Community Development, and earlier while serving as the Governor’s Special Advisor on Higher Education was the architect of the state’s Drive to 55 workforce development initiative, and the tnAchieves and Tennessee Promise scholarship programs to help more young people go to technical or
community college tuition-free.

For more information about Randy Boyd and his campaign for Governor, please visit RandyBoyd.com –or like him on Facebook at RandyBoydTN, or follow him on Twitter @RandyBoyd.


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