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Randy Boyd Announces Statewide Education Coalition Leadership

March 15, 2018

Nashville, Tenn. – Randy Boyd, Republican candidate for Governor, announced today his Education Coalition Leadership comprised of Tennessee leaders committed to student success.  Tasked with advising Boyd on building the Smartest State in the South by 2025, the coalition represents more than two dozen K-12, higher education and non-profit leaders who are personally supporting Boyd.  

Why I Believe in the Memphis Megasite

February 22, 2018

The new Nissan plant was going to Georgia, not Tennessee, because Maymee Cantrell didn’t want to sell her 400 acre farm in Smyrna. At the final hour, she decided to sell. Her neighbors, the McClarys, also agreed to sell their 260-acre farm.

Randy Boyd Announces Statewide Law Enforcement Coalition

February 14, 2018

Jackson, Tenn. – Randy Boyd, Republican candidate for Governor, announced the leadership team for his statewide law enforcement coalition today that includes 45 sheriffs, police chiefs, and district attorneys who will be advising Boyd on public safety issues in Tennessee.  

Boyd Uses Listening, Learning to His Advantage

February 12, 2018

Randy Boyd jokes that he’s never had an original idea.

The Knoxville businessman says they all come from customers or someone else he trusts.

“It’s worked out pretty well so far,” said the former state economic development commissioner, whose Radio Systems Corporation has annual revenue of $400 million and employs 700 people in seven countries. “We know how to listen to our customers and others with good ideas. If you need a better way to do business, just ask your customers. They know what they want.”

Boyd Spends $500K on TV Ad Running During Olympics

February 8, 2018

Nashville, Tenn. — Just in time for the Olympics, Randy Boyd, Republican candidate for Governor, released a new ad entitled “Grit” highlighting the American Dream and his rise from factory worker and first-generation college student to successful entrepreneur and founder of Radio Systems Corporation.

Boyd Campaign Launching Olympic Themed Ad This Week in $500,000 Buy

February 8, 2018

NASHVILLE — Republican gubernatorial hopeful Randy Boyd plans to air a new ad in a $500,000 broadcast and cable TV television buy times that key off with the start of the Olympics on Friday.

Six Months to Victory

February 2, 2018

Today marks a campaign milestone: we are officially six months out from the Republican Primary. Although this will be the biggest test of our campaign, Randy is consistently scoring victories every single day on the trail. 

Randy Boyd Puts “Values in Action” in First Statewide TV Ad

January 31, 2018

Nashville, Tenn.​ – Randy Boyd, Knoxville businessman and Republican candidate for Governor, opens his
campaign by sharing and underscoring his commitment to his core conservative principles that form the
foundation of his campaign.

Randy Boyd Wins Statewide Education Debate

January 23, 2018

Nashville, Tenn. – In the first televised debate of the 2018 election, Randy Boyd, Republican candidate for Governor, won the night by demonstrating his deep experience and clear vision on education and workforce development issues, and by outlining several clear steps to make Tennessee the “Smartest State in the South” by 2025.

March for Life and Easier, More Affordable Adoptions

January 19, 2018

This morning, our nation’s capital will overflow with both hopeful and repentant energy as thousands of pro-life supporters rally at the annual March for Life. The single largest pro-life event in the country will spur hundreds of marches across the nation, including one in my hometown of Knoxville, which I plan to attend.

My reason for attending the Tennessee Right to Life March is simple: my wife Jenny. Although many feel that the question of life at conception was decided in 1973, Christians and conservatives have carried a heartened belief that our Creator never intended for His declaration to somehow become a question. All life is God-breathed and the pro-life community bears the mantle that holds both the expectancy that this truth will again prevail and the sorrow of mourning 40 million victims.

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