Boyd speaks at Lannom Center in Dyersburg​

AUTHOR: Brandon Hutcheson
SOURCE: Dyersburg State Gazette

On Friday morning, Tennessee Republican governor candidate Randy Boyd spoke before approximately 200 individuals, composed of local residents, community leaders, and elected officials at the Lannom Center. The event, which was held from 7:30-8:30 a.m., was hosted by various community members.

Following a catered breakfast, Dyer County Mayor Chris Young introduced Boyd.

“My fellow county mayor in Gibson County, I think, said it best when he said that all the candidates that come through our area that run for governor will tell you that they’ll do a lot of good things for West Tennessee,” stated Mayor Young. “But Randy is one that we can say has done a lot of good things for West Tennessee.”

Boyd took the podium and thanked everyone who attended, including Sen. Ed Jackson. He also thanked those who helped bring the event together.

He spoke on his ‘Run with Randy’ Campaign, along with his vision for Tennessee – the opportunity for a better education, opportunity for better jobs, and a better opportunity for everyone.

He also noted to achieve the vision, it is important to achieve his goals of completing the Drive to 55 campaign, be No. 1 in the southeast for high-quality jobs, and to have zero distressed counties by 2025.

Boyd answered questions from attendees, then appeared at the annual Veterans Day Parade, where he met and spoke with local veterans.