Jobs and Growing our Economy

Randy is on a mission to make Tennessee #1 in the Southeast for creating high quality jobs. Driving this mission is Randy’s unwavering belief that opportunity starts with the promise of a high-quality job, the dignity and financial benefits that come from a good job, and the exponential impact on our economy and quality of life for Tennessee families.

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Randy believes that a high-quality education is the key to opening the doors of opportunity for all Tennesseans – a good job, a bright future, a better life. Randy understands that education is the great equalizer and is the vehicle to transform lives and offer social and economic mobility.

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Health Care for a Healthy Tennessee

Randy believes that in order for Tennessee to be THE State of Opportunity, we have to be a healthy state. Our healthcare system is broken. Obamacare has been a failure. And the current gridlock in Washington DC is a mess. Professional politicians have only contributed to the mess. Randy believes that we can fix health care for Tennesseans in a common-sense Tennessee way.

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Opioid Epidemic

Randy believes that Tennessee opioid epidemic has reached a state of emergency. Randy is the only candidate who has offered a plan for addressing the crisis head on from day one. His plan will unleash the full power and increased resources of state government to begin beating back the spread of addiction from these drugs.

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Law & Order

Randy believes that one of the essential jobs of Governor is ensuring the safety and security of its citizens. As Governor, Randy will work closely with state and local law enforcement to crack down on drugs, gangs, and crime to keep our communities safe and secure.

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No Sanctuary Cities

Randy believes Sanctuary Cities are illegal, and as Governor, he will follow the law and say NO to Sanctuary Cities in Tennessee.

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Pro-Life & Adoption

Randy is firmly pro-life and pro-adoption, and will defend life at every opportunity. His wife Jenny was adopted by a loving family when she was only two weeks old.

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2nd Amendment

As a gun owner and lifetime member of the NRA, Randy strongly supports the Second Amendment and the constitutional right of all law-abiding Tennesseans to defend life, liberty, and property against anyone who threatens our safety and security.

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Supporting Our Rural Communities

Randy knows that Tennessee is experiencing some of the best times in its history, but that is not true for many Tennesseans. Randy is committed to seeing that success spread to every part of our state and as governor will do everything he can to lift up our rural communities and neighbors.

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